How Flowers are Used in Different Cultures

How Flowers are Used in Different Cultures

Any woman would love her dream man to come with a bunch of some beautiful red roses in the evening for a special date. However, arrive at a social event on any other occasion with a bouquet of red roses for a woman and you’ll get some very strange looks from her husband or partner. There are different uses of flowers in different cultures as country and culture has its own rules.

Of course, gifting flowers on any occasion is the best choice to make it a special moment for the host. Flower decorations are also the most important considerations at any social or business function you may be hosting. But before you plan gifting flowers to someone you know, it’s good to know about the uses of flowers in different cultures before you place an order for flower delivery in West Los Angeles.

Flowers are the best gift for all cultures!

Of course, we all know it, what’s new in that. But, before you place an order for flower delivery, it’s important to be aware of the uses of flowers in different cultures. For example, different types of colors may be associated with mourning in the country you are visiting. In Britain, white lilies and black in Brazil while roses in Hungary are associated with mourning. On the other hands, lilies, lotus blossoms, and camellias are all funeral flowers in Japan.

Russian Culture

If you know Russian, then you must be aware that Russians like flowers in odd numbers as this signifies in the deeply superstitious country. An access to yellow flowers should be avoided whenever you are planning to look for flower delivery service. 13 flowers are considered as unlucky. Planning to propose an Italian girl with flowers? Don’t get hydrangeas and lavender, as they represent coldness.

American Culture

In America, flowers are perfect birthday gifts of all ages and women across the country appreciate assortment of fresh flowers and roses as well. While gifting on Christmas, consider pink, peach and yellow roses as they symbolize close relations and better bond.

Japanese Culture

The Japanese, have a whole language based around flowers. The language is called Hanakotoba. Red camellias and blue forget-me-nots mean love, while cherry blossoms are associated with kindness and lavender with fidelity.

Asian Culture

If the special occasion is related to someone from Asia, make sure to avoid sending potted plants as this signifies being bound. Presenting flowers as a gift, ideally, red ones for luck is a safe bet. For the wedding ceremonies of the Chinese, using peonies may be the right choice as they’re considered lucky.

Roses, lilies, and carnations may be the most appropriate choice for funerals in Asia, but it isn’t appropriate to send or give flowers at funerals in the Arab world.

Once you know all the above-mentioned considerations of flower gifting in different cultures, it is suggested to not buy flowers that are overly fragrant, in case your host has allergies. The flowers must be well-wrapped and should be with the perfect color combination. And when gifting flowers for a Muslim friend, make sure to use both hands, or the right hand, never the left.

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